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ARC Reactor is a no-code platform for developing a smart contract and decentralized protocols.

It is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for all EVM compatible chains,  featuring a rich design studio with over 100 widgets that work out of the box. Capable of mapping and indexing entire dApps in less than a second, and generating enterprise code. In this section, you can find a complete developers' guide for building apps with RAD solutions using ARC Reactor.

ARC Reactor Development Workflow

Step 1

Connect to your Metamask wallet

Step 2

Login to your Git Repository (currently supported for Github)

Step 3

Create or import a smart contract. It can be from several sources i.e: Github Repository, Local File, or Etherscan.

Step 4

View, Edit, Add, and Delete to modify any contracts via Reactor’s GUI (Graphic User Interface)

Step 5

Deploy and Administer smart contract for any EVM Based Blockchain.